Timken’s Community involvement with NCS Volunteers |Tuesday 30th July

Timken Grange had the pleasure of a two-day visit from the National Citizenship Service (NCS) volunteers. NCS is a voluntary programme designed to encourage students, between the ages of 15-17 years old, to take part in a project for personal and social development, by increasing confidence and developing new skills.

The volunteers visited Timken Grange to work alongside our wonderful lifestyle team, to do some community work for their project. Daniel Worley, Lifestyle Manager at Timken Grange, held a ‘Dementia Friends’ session with the students to increase their awareness of the disease and how they can help others. The volunteers pampered our lovely residents by painting and filing their nails and they even made a canvas painting with their fingerprints on, to remember their time spent at Timken Grange.

It was great to see our residents chatting away to the students about old times and learning about the new generation. Social Interaction can do wonders for a person’s wellbeing and it was clear that our residents really benefited from this experience and enjoyed getting to know all of the students. We thank all the NCS volunteers for choosing to join us at Timken Grange and wish you all the best for the future.

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