Residents marvel at nature


Our residents were treated to a fascinating afternoon of getting right back to nature.  We hooked up with local initiative Rent A Beast who came along to Kingfisher Court to share their amazing creatures with us all.

A number of the residents took a little persuading to come close to the insects but anxieties were conquered with all but a few handling them and marvelling at their detail. During the period, people’s confidence and inquisitiveness grew and once the initial fears subsided, many were quite charmed with their new ‘friends’ and were more than happy to handle and stroke them.

We all know that being around animals, no matter how big or small, stimulates and focusses the mind and creates an emotional wellbeing.  For some it evoked memories from their childhood and for some it was an experience they had never had in their lives.  By the end of the session the staff were equally mesmerised as the residents.

It’s never a dull moment at our home however the sigh of relief from many residents and staff when each insect was accounted for before leaving was audible!   We are always on the look out for new and interesting things to do so please feel free to contact us with ideas that might be of interest…. we’ll give most things a go!


















































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