Respite care

Respite, or short stay care, is provided at all Oakdale Care Group Homes for those residents who do not require permanent longer term care. A short term stay may be needed for many reasons including convalescence after an accident, illness or operation or perhaps just to provide your carer or family a few weeks break.

Short stays can be repeated as many times as required and we often find that many of our short stay residents decide to stay for a longer term stay once they have been a part of life in our homes.

Through technology, our Person Centred Software (PCS) allows us to regularly and quickly review your care and needs during your short stay with us.

Our high staff-to-resident ratio is the same for all our residents whether they are staying with us on a short or longer term basis. Our respite residents each receive the same high standards of care as our longer-term residents and everyone can take advantage of all the facilities and services included in our All-Inclusive policy.

To deliver our high standards of care and understand your unique care needs requires time and therefore there is a minimum period of 4 weeks stay for respite care.

Respite Care Features:

  • Short-term, non permanent access to all services
  • Dedicated, professionally trained staff
  • High staff-to-resident ratio
  • Specially designed, purpose-built homes
  • 24 hour care
  • Tailored care plans regardless of length of stay
  • Innovative Person Centred Software
  • Dedicated Lifestyle Manager

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