Dementia care

Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes, and the burden of caring for a loved one with dementia at home is immense, and often unsustainable.

In an Oakdale care home, we support people with dementia to live the fullest lives they can, in a safe and secure setting, and provide peace of mind for their families.

Our staff are trained in caring for people with dementia, ensuring a warm and positive community, which combined with our specially designed, purpose-built buildings, make a real difference in quality of life.

Intelligently designed buildings

Our homes are designed to be safe, secure and welcoming, with all areas capable of allowing a comfortable and inclusive lifestyle. The layout of each building has been thoughtfully arranged to allow clear lines of sight and spacious communal areas; enabling our residents to move around easily while allowing staff supervision to be undertaken in a dignified and unobtrusive way. Our interiors are bright and airy, hallways are wide and furnished, with no thresholds or breaks in the floor coverings, and our lighting and colour schemes are specially designed to support older people’s eyesight.

Created to care

Our high staff-to-resident ratio is especially important when providing optimal care for people with dementia, and our innovative Person Centered Software (PCS) system ensures that we can monitor their care effectively and efficiently.

Our ethos of inclusion and community at Oakdale homes ensures that residents with dementia enjoy all the communal amenities and activities we have on offer, and the same facilities in private rooms. Providing safe and sheltered opportunities for socialisation and interaction is integral to quality of life in dementia care, and we ensure that our residents are treated with dignity and respect at all times as we support their health and wellbeing. We work closely with families, professional support groups and our residents throughout every stage.

Dementia Care Features

  • Professionally trained and experienced staff
  • Home specifically designed for care, safety and wellbeing
  • High staff-to-resident ratio
  • Individual care plans and innovative Person Centred Software (PCS) to enable effective and efficient monitoring
  • Stimulating activities, tailored to enhance connection and enjoyment
  • Family are welcome anytime
  • Safe and secure outdoor activities

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