Response to Publication of Inadequate CQC rating following Inspection of Kingfisher Court


Oakdale is incredibly disappointed that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated Kingfisher Court as Inadequate. Whilst we were aware of issues in the home and were working to address them at the time of the inspection, the inspectors’ findings have hit Oakdale to the core. We send our sincere apologies to the residents of the home for the decrease in service standards at the care home.

Oakdale prides itself in the high-quality care it provides. Having previously been rated as an outstanding care home, we cherished Kingfisher Court as an example of the type of care that we expect to be delivered in Oakdale’s homes. All our teams have therefore reflected deeply on the CQC’s findings and the reasons for the reduction in quality, looking to make immediate improvements and prevent such issues in the future.

At Oakdale, we champion staff empowerment, and in so doing have always given the management of our care homes a good level of autonomy. Having identified some challenges in Kingfisher Court, prior to the inspection, Oakdale began to closely support the management team to deal with issues they were facing. On reflection following the inspection, it is clear that stronger processes and governance procedures are required to sustain the Oakdale “touch” that enabled us to achieve an outstanding rating in the first place.

Three months have passed since the inspection in June and significant improvement plans have been well progressed. A number of individuals in place at the time of the inspection have since left the Kingfisher Court team, including the Home Manager. We have reinstated the Home Manager who achieved the Outstanding Rating for Kingfisher Court in 2018, to oversee the improvement plan.

This has revitalised the positive staff culture in the home and the team have responded extremely well to the changes we are implementing.

It has been testimony to the commitment of the staff, many of whom have been with the home since it opened, that moral, atmosphere and process management have been quickly restored. Recent dialogue with the CQC and the Notts Council Adult Safeguarding team has been positive and constructive. Oakdale is keen to accept the regulator’s offer of a lessons learned shared analysis that can be used by ourselves and other providers for future reference.

We have communicated directly with our residents and relatives over this and wish to thank all those who have continued to support Kingfisher Court and who have become part of a wider family and friendship group that we value so much as an expression of our culture and ethos. To them we have said sorry, for letting them down in this way. In the meantime, we continue to work hard to ensure that we fully recover from this position and look forward to embedding what we have learnt from this tough but valuable lesson.


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