There are a number of ways to finance residential care: personally (e.g. from savings, pensions or the sale of your home), through your family, or, in part, by the Local Authority.

Whilst the majority of our residents are entirely privately funded, Local Authority payments can also be “topped up” by supplemental private funding. Our all-inclusive policy is a standard feature for all residents and the fee level is the same whether you are entirely privately funded or you have some assistance from the Local Authority.

Whilst financial regulations prohibit us from providing detailed individual advice, we work closely with reputable financial advisors who can provide guidance for relatives, families and residents to ensure they are professionally informed as to their optimum arrangements.

There may be instances where care requirements change and additional charges have to be made, or funding is made available as a result. In these rare and exceptional instances, we can discuss specific cases of care to assist you.

Have a look at this useful link to a Not-For-Profit organisation that provides excellent guidance on your possible care home funding options.If you would like to learn more about our homes, please feel free to contact one of our Home Managers to visit us and discuss your potential options

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