Family Involvement

Understanding you

We work closely with your family and loved ones to ensure we support every aspect of your care, from our initial meeting, where we gather as much relevant information as we can to help us learn your life story, through to your pre-assessment. This way, from the day you move into your home, our team have all the information they need to create your tailored care plan.

We work hard to create your comprehensive care plan and life story so that our staff have a good understanding of your care requirements, and also of your background and interests; all the things that make you unique. Knowing who are the important people in your life, present and past, gives us a basis for communication, and for building and understanding your life story, which helps us to evoke memories of happy times.

Everyone included

We communicate with family members frequently. We also engage through social media and via our innovative Person Centred Software (PCS) that we use to support care provision. Through social media we share photos and videos so your friends and family can stay in touch and are up-to-date with your life. And, your family can access your care plan and all care updates via the PCS Relative Gateway, if you wish.

We actively encourage involvement with family and friends. Our Lifestyle Manager will take the lead with a comprehensive activity programme each month, and this is driven by resident’s likes and dislikes along with involvement from families.

Family involvement features

  • We work closely with you and your family
  • We gain a full understanding of your care needs
  • We work with you and your family to gain a full understanding of your “life story”
  • We regularly monitor and update your care plan and if you like, we can share updates with your family
  • Your family and friends are welcome at any time, including meal times and to take part in your activities

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