Luxury homes from people who care

We are a small, privately owned company providing high quality residential and dementia care in specially designed, purpose-built luxury care homes.

All-inclusive living

At Oakdale Care Group we understand that when you move into a new home you want certainty and security. From our experience, “billable extras” that you were not expecting or had not budgeted for are an unnecessary irritation; so at Oakdale we don’t have any! Everything is included in your fee.

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Life at Oakdale

We know that we are only as good as our people. That is why we provide our staff with salaries, instead of paying by the hour. We also offer higher staff-to-resident ratios than most other care homes, and we have invested significantly in selecting and training our staff to provide the very best 24-hour care with warmth and respect.

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Family Involvement

We work closely with your family and loved ones to ensure we support every aspect of your care, from our initial meeting, where we gather as much relevant information as we can to help us learn your life story, through to your pre-assessment.

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There are a number of ways to finance residential care: personally (e.g. from savings, pensions or the sale of your home), through your family, or, in part, by the Local Authority.

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